June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

One of the highlights of our ministry over the last few years has been the commitment to use a holistic approach to assist Pastors and local churches in the Mexico City area that have potential for a meaningful ministry in their communities but lack the training and resources such as materials, equipment and finances to be able to reach their maximum potential. In Partnership with churches in Canada and the US we have developed a network of churches with whom we are fully engaged on a day to day basis empowering them to carry out outreach in to their communities and to form devoted faithful disciples of Christ in and out of their congregations. We now have 20 churches that are growing and seeing individuals and whole families being saved and transformed by the Word of God. Here are some stories of what God is doing through this ministry:


  • Carolina started to attend the Communion with Christ Church together with her husband. Although they knew about God and the Bible, their lives continued without any response to the Gospel. On January 7 the Lord changed their hearts and they made decisions to follow Him. Since that day they have been trying to live by God’s Word and have seen His mercy in their lives every day. Before knowing Christ, Carolina felt she had no purpose, she was depressed and suffered a lot of anxiety. On numerous occasions she thought about ending her life, but she says that she has learnt that, “in this world I will have trouble, but He has overcome the world. God loves me and watches out for me, he comforts me and makes me a conqueror. He guides me to help others whose stories are similar to mine. Jesus has helped my marriage and I am sure He will fulfill His purposes in my life”.



Elsy, a member of the Love of God Church, invited her Aunt and Uncle (Paloma and Luis) to an evangelistic Couple’s Dinner at the church. Elsy knew that Paloma and Luis’ marriage was struggling and knew that they would benefit from the Dinner, but they declined the invitation. As Elsy saw their marriage disintegrating she kept insisting, but she kept getting negative responses from Paloma and Luis. Luis was struggling with addictions and Paloma was no longer willing to deal with all the problems that they were facing.

On the day of the Dinner Elsy made one last attempt to invite them and they accepted. Paloma and Luis arrived at the Dinner with negative attitudes, looking for things to criticize or fight about, but as the message was shared they were both in tears and realized that the only one who could save their marriage was God.

They started attending the church and began to see God’s work in their lives as Luis got sober and Paloma got a better job. Their son Iker had been having behavioral problems and would not interact with other kids, but he began to make friends and is now excited to attend Sunday School

every week. Both Paloma and Luis are eagerly learning about God and feel called to share the Gospel with others who may be in similar situations to the one they were in before coming to know Christ as their Savior.


  • The Integral Life Project Church held an evangelistic campaign in the State of Morelos where 35 people made decisions for Christ. On Easter Sunday they held a baptism service at which 17 new people were baptized.


  • The New Life Church held a Children’s Festival in honor of Children’s Day which is celebrated in Mexico on April 30. 45 children and 20 adults attended the event. Through the evangelistic message shared 25 children, and 12 adults made decisions for Christ.

Please pray for our Partner Churches as they continue to faithfully serve their churches and reach out to their communities that are in great need of hearing about the hope found in our Lord Jesus Christ.


For the VELA Team,
Galo Vasquez
Chairman of the Board


Oct 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

These last few months I have been so very aware of the ‘circle of life’, the passing of time. It could be because of my own mother and my mother-in-law‘s aging—both are 90 now. Perhaps it is because Galo and I are now considered SENIORS. Whatever it is, I look at people around me working hard to make ends meet, to squirrel away enough for their retirement. As I watch, I am very aware that each generation for thousands of years behind have worked hard to strive to get ahead…and all with the same results. I am also reminded of the giver of life and HIS purposes for our lives. Many of the Old Testament prophets struggled with these same thoughts and I am reminded of “Only one life, will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” I am so thrilled that the journey we continue to share is with a commitment to serve the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

In spite of being seniors, Galo and I are feeling the sandwich effect. Our mothers depend on us for love, support and encouragement. Our kids and grandkids look to us for love, support, encouragement, advice. We love to be involved in the lives of each one but it is stressful at times. Please pray for us as we try to be the children and parents that we should be, demonstrating God‘s love and grace in our lives.

We praise God and thank you for your prayers and ongoing support for the ministries that we are involved in. The Lord has blessed and we see growth in each area.

The internet evangelism ministry which started last year continues to grow. Since it was launched 232,696 people have visited the website, 25,779 people have made decisions for Christ and 3,327 have written asking for prayer or council. This is an awesome opportunity to reach the increasing number of people who spend the majority of time connected to the internet.

The VELA team continues working on the National Plan of Evangelism which is to see 20% of the population of the country of Mexico become believers by 2020. We call this VISION 20/20. Please pray as we motivate, train and mobilize Pastors, leaders and local churches across the nation towards this end.

Our Partner Churches continue to grow. We are continuously hearing testimonies about how God is using the churches to see lives transformed. Some examples are: a man named Carlos who was a drug addict has come to know Christ and is in recovery; a woman who was contemplating suicide was invited to a concert at one of our Partner Churches and gave her life to Christ; there are stories of children sharing the Gospel with their parents. Please pray for the Partner Churches as they are working together to organize ―Days of Hope‖ Evangelistic campaigns that will take place simultaneously from October 24 – 26. Their hope is to reach new people for Christ who will be discipled through their churches.

DVBS at the “Rock of Horeb Church”

DVBS at the “Rock of Horeb Church”

People coming to know Christ at an evangelistic breakfast

People coming to know Christ at an evangelistic breakfast

VELAOct14pic3On September 26 and 27 the VELA team in Mexico hosted two Women‘s Conferences. During the first conference 165 Pastor‘s wives and leaders learnt about ‘Finding Your Identity in Christ’. They had the opportunity to lay their burdens at the foot of the cross and partake of the Lord‘s Supper together.

VELAOct14pic4The second conference was about ‘Women in the Workplace’ and was attended by 320 women who were challenged on their responsibilities as daughters‘ of God to develop healthy, strong relationships.

In closing, as we look back, we thank you again for so many years that you have upheld us and prayed for us. As we look into the future, whether it be long or short, we would ask you to pray for two things for us. First, that we finish the race well—strong and faithful to the end. And second, that we pass on the passion for souls to those around us. Thank you for your faithful support.

From both of us and on behalf of the VELA Team,

Joanne Vasquez


April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This is an exciting year for the VELA Team, it marks 30 years since we began our ministry in Mexico City in 1984. To this day I clearly remember standing on the top floor of the Latin American Tower downtown Mexico City looking out over the thousands of buildings, houses and people and sensing God’s calling to serve to see Mexico City and all of Latin America transformed by the power of the Gospel and living by the principles of the Word of God.

After sensing God’s calling Joanne and I moved our family from Guatemala to Mexico City and together with others we started VELA Ministries. Over the past 30 years it has been amazing to see God work in and through VELA (Vision for the Evangelization of Latin America). Through VELA we have had the privilege to see literally thousands of people come to know Christ, have helped to plant new churches, have trained people to know how to share the Gospel, have provided leadership training to lay pastors and leaders through the VELA Training Center, the list could go on and on. We are so thankful to God for all He has done, for His faithfulness and for providing people like you who have partnered with us in prayer and financial support all these years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Now we ask that you continue praying for us throughout this year as the ministry continues to serve God motivating, training and mobilizing the Body of Christ through the following ministries:

VELAApril14girlbenchTo continue expanding the Peace with God Internet Evangelism ministry. Already this year 31,449 people have visited the website and 4,483 people have made decisions for Christ through this cutting edge ministry. We have trained believers who will be discipling the new Christians online to the point of connecting them with a local church.

VELAApril14churchpicContinue to provide leadership training to our Partner Churches and increase the number of churches we work with. This year we already held the first two day training seminar for the local church Pastors and leaders on the Challenge of Leadership.

VELAApril14citypicThe official launching of our Vision 20/20 National Plan of Evangelism, this will take place at our 30 year celebration which will be held later this year. Key Pastors and leaders in Mexico are already excited about what is next as we move forward towards our goal of multiplying disciples and churches so that 20% of the population of the nation of Mexico will become believers in our Lord Jesus Christ by the year 2020.

Between now and the end of the year 2020 we will be implementing a number of evangelistic and church planting projects across the whole nation. More than ever we will need a movement of prayer, more workers, more tools and more resources. Now more than ever we need your prayers and support as the Lord leads you!

For the VELA Team,
Galo E. Vasquez
Chairman of the Board