June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

One of the highlights of our ministry over the last few years has been the commitment to use a holistic approach to assist Pastors and local churches in the Mexico City area that have potential for a meaningful ministry in their communities but lack the training and resources such as materials, equipment and finances to be able to reach their maximum potential. In Partnership with churches in Canada and the US we have developed a network of churches with whom we are fully engaged on a day to day basis empowering them to carry out outreach in to their communities and to form devoted faithful disciples of Christ in and out of their congregations. We now have 20 churches that are growing and seeing individuals and whole families being saved and transformed by the Word of God. Here are some stories of what God is doing through this ministry:


  • Carolina started to attend the Communion with Christ Church together with her husband. Although they knew about God and the Bible, their lives continued without any response to the Gospel. On January 7 the Lord changed their hearts and they made decisions to follow Him. Since that day they have been trying to live by God’s Word and have seen His mercy in their lives every day. Before knowing Christ, Carolina felt she had no purpose, she was depressed and suffered a lot of anxiety. On numerous occasions she thought about ending her life, but she says that she has learnt that, “in this world I will have trouble, but He has overcome the world. God loves me and watches out for me, he comforts me and makes me a conqueror. He guides me to help others whose stories are similar to mine. Jesus has helped my marriage and I am sure He will fulfill His purposes in my life”.



Elsy, a member of the Love of God Church, invited her Aunt and Uncle (Paloma and Luis) to an evangelistic Couple’s Dinner at the church. Elsy knew that Paloma and Luis’ marriage was struggling and knew that they would benefit from the Dinner, but they declined the invitation. As Elsy saw their marriage disintegrating she kept insisting, but she kept getting negative responses from Paloma and Luis. Luis was struggling with addictions and Paloma was no longer willing to deal with all the problems that they were facing.

On the day of the Dinner Elsy made one last attempt to invite them and they accepted. Paloma and Luis arrived at the Dinner with negative attitudes, looking for things to criticize or fight about, but as the message was shared they were both in tears and realized that the only one who could save their marriage was God.

They started attending the church and began to see God’s work in their lives as Luis got sober and Paloma got a better job. Their son Iker had been having behavioral problems and would not interact with other kids, but he began to make friends and is now excited to attend Sunday School

every week. Both Paloma and Luis are eagerly learning about God and feel called to share the Gospel with others who may be in similar situations to the one they were in before coming to know Christ as their Savior.


  • The Integral Life Project Church held an evangelistic campaign in the State of Morelos where 35 people made decisions for Christ. On Easter Sunday they held a baptism service at which 17 new people were baptized.


  • The New Life Church held a Children’s Festival in honor of Children’s Day which is celebrated in Mexico on April 30. 45 children and 20 adults attended the event. Through the evangelistic message shared 25 children, and 12 adults made decisions for Christ.

Please pray for our Partner Churches as they continue to faithfully serve their churches and reach out to their communities that are in great need of hearing about the hope found in our Lord Jesus Christ.


For the VELA Team,
Galo Vasquez
Chairman of the Board