Our History & Accomplishments

Our History:

In 1984, Galo Vasquez stood on the top level of the Latin American Tower in downtown Mexico City watching the whole metropolis, he felt the presence of God giving him a deep burden in his heart for the great cities of the world and this burden was shared with others who decided to unite efforts and establish Vision for Latin American Evangelization (VELA).

Since its formation VELA has been an interdenominational agency that serves to train and mobilize national believers and churches throughout Latin America for evangelism and church planting.  VELA’s ministry pillars are Strategic Research, Leadership Training, Evangelistic Initiatives and Partner Projects.


1984 – VELA is Born:  Since its formation VELA has been committed to motivate, train and mobilize the saints in Mexico and Latin America.

1985 – VELA Training Center  –  This center is located 50 minutes outside Mexico City in an area called Texcoco.  The purpose of the center is to provide a location and programs to train and motivate Pastors, leaders and youth on evangelism, leadership and missions.

1988 – National Conference on Bible Exposition:  400 pastors and leaders participated in the first National Conference on Bible Exposition.  As a result within six years close to 1000 Pastors, Christian workers and layman were trained with leadership skills

1889 – Strategic Research  “Mexico Today and Tomorrow” – This investigation which includes six documents was a socio religious study of the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City which was used to identify areas where new churches needed to be planted.

1990 – National  Youth  Congress on  Evangelism – More than 2000 students representing 20 Mexican states were trained on evangelism.

2000 – 10,000 by the year 2000 – We developed this project to help the Evangelical Churches in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City to plant 10,000 home churches or small groups in order to plant new churches. The “Mexico Today and Tomorrow” research project was a key part of this project as it identified the areas where churches needed to be planted.

2006 – My Hope Project – The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association asked VELA to participate in the largest evangelistic project in the history of Mexico.  Through this TV project 20,332 pastors were trained,  287,926 homes called Matthew Homes and  551,528 people made decisions for Christ of whom  36,786 people were baptized.

2008 – National Evangelical Panorama  – This socio-religious study includes a Directory of National Pastors, Denominational and Key Leaders and a data base of 22,000 churches.

2009 – 25th Anniversary Celebration – An anniversary celebration was held to thank God for his faithfulness during VELA’s first 25 years.

2013 – Peace with God – Once again the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is working together with VELA on a new cutting edge ministry to reach people through internet evangelism.

Our Accomplishments:

1. 10,000 / 2,000.

2. Train Pastor’s on Bible Expositions.

3. Train the new generation.

4. Training Center.

5. Evangelistic initiatives.

6. Church multiplication.

7. Cooperation to seize opportunities and maximize results:

a. IBS

b. Bible League